The course helped me to identify stressors in my daily life and enabled me to acknowledge and accept them without judgement. The tutor put me at ease and it was an inclusive environment to explore a different topic each week. The course has led me to a fuller understanding of the importance of taking time to assess my physical and mental wellbeing by being mindful and using meditation on a regular basis.


Riccardo’s 8 weeks course totally exceeded my expectations: it introduced a variety of meditation techniques, and the discussions surrounding these were super interesting.
Riccardo is an excellent teacher, very clear, practical, respectful and caring for his students. I feel real benefits on myself after the course. For all these reasons I warmly recommend it without any hesitation.


The teacher is very easy to understand and put me at ease from the first session. The material + topic were all relevant.


I feel positive + motivated – particularly after our little tea party! I am also grateful for the continued support offered, I think this will really help me keep going with it.


I’m not sure what I was expecting beforehand, but I definitely appreciated the 25 minutes sessions of meditation itself. It was good to begin the course and for it to be this way throughout so it wasn’t all ‘theory’.


Give it a try and be open to it! I think I feel more positive + more in control as a result, despite the nightmare projects I’ve been working on at this time.


Above my expectations


I will warmly reccomend this course!


Do it!

I think it could benefit anyone.