Zen Blogging

Zen Blogging

Hi, my name is Riccardo, 50 years old from Italy. I started studying Zen at the end of year 2019, an era that now we call pre-pandemic. I didn’t have a clue about what would happen in the years to come (nobody really has a clue about that). In this blog, I am trying to put the various pieces which compose my experience with Zen Buddhism together.

What will you find in this Blog? Most likely many English grammar mistakes to start with. However, all I want to do is to use this blog as a meditation practice. Writing is a great way to express what arises moment to moment. Can I let go of my inhibitions, be authentic and open? I don’t know but I will use this exercise to meet my ‘soft spots’. How can a Blog do that? Again, I don’t genuinely know it but my intuition is telling me that it could.

And, of course, I hope this blog is going to be useful for other people too. It is never just about us, it is more about other people. I found so much inspiration when reading other people stories about their journey, from Buddhists accounts but also from other traditions. All of them are so inspiring! If these words can inspire and support just one person in their own journey to self discover, that would be amazing!

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