About me

My name is Riccardo Shunzan Bonaiti. I am a qualified Meditation and Mindfulness teacher and become a Junior Zen teacher under the guidance of Zen Master Daizan Skinner.

Meditation has been my ‘companion’ since 2008, leading the way to a very enjoyable and interesting experience of life. Nothing like meditation could have made all these years more exciting and fulfilling. It has been helping me to explore my habits, my conditionings, my frustrations and opening up some very fascinating insights on my own nature, the nature of my mind and the nature of all things. Together, meditation and I, have been walking through stress, pains, worries, joy, pleasure, satisfactions and dissatisfactions; no doubts we will keep walking on together. I do believe that meditation is the strongest and, also the cheapest, of all the medicines. Meditation like medication, a powerful healer.

I have been studying Rinzai Zen since 2019 with Zenways founder Daizan Roshi and have been sharing the benefits of Zen and meditation practices in general from the same year.

I love cycling, running, walking in Nature. I have a BA degree in Philosophy with Spanish and an MA degree in Communication studies.

After taking the Zen Buddhist precepts in April 2019
Before my Hodo ceremony

Taking the Hodo ceremony (left) and the Hossen ceremony (below) to become a Junior Zen teacher

Hossen ceremony

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