ONLINE Drop-in sessions

These sessions are intended for people who want to practice meditation and mindfulness in a friendly environment.

During the session, I normally introduce various topics such as ‘what is meditation?’, ‘how mindfulness meditation can help us dealing with anxiety, stress, fear’, ‘how to be more kind to ourselves’, ‘how to nourish our life’, ‘ what Zen is and how it can help us in life’ and so on. Also, I invite people to learn techniques and methods which can help people to live a more harmonious, loving, creative and compassionate and calmer life.  Mindfulness can be practised in every moment; when speaking, listening, eating, walking, cleaning and so on. Everything can be done with a clear and focused mind. All we need to do is to learn how to gradually train the mind to stay where we put it. By doing so, we reduce distractions and stress and we improve our focus and attention to what we do. Being mindful of the present moment, not only can be fun but also it can open us uo to a different perspective on things in general. This perspective will allow people to harmonise with our environment.
Please, feel free to join in and to share these events with anyone you think might also benefit from it.

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Next dates are:

Monday 28th September, 07:00 PM

Monday 12th October, 07:00 PM

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Meeting ID: 998 104 8293

Password: 554852

Every Monday at 14.15 ONLY via CamYoga.

Feel free to get in touch with me at for any queries you might have about the sessions