Why meditation and mindfulness?

Mindfulness and meditation practice helps us to deal with life circumstances more effectively. In my own experience, stress, frustration, anxiety, anger, fear and regrets can all be dealt with differently and will not have the same negative effect when we build awareness around them. Meditation and mindfulness practices are the bedrock out of which this awareness arises.

Nowadays an increasing number of people practice meditation and mindfulness as these have become widely accepted as incredibly beneficial for body and mind wellbeing. And that is true, it really is. Meditation and mindfulness is a mass movement. People are beginning to make this a part of their lives as a way to experience life fully, healthily and consciously. There is an avalanche of scientific evidence to back that up. All areas of your lives can be improved through meditation and mindfulness; work, relationships, diet, health and so on and so forth. All one needs is a map that shows how meditation and mindfulness can effectively help to find the way to a truly healthier and more enjoyable life. My hope is that the 8-week courses and the drop-in sessions I run, function as this map where one can find ways to reduce stress and anxiety, deal with emotions more effectively and ultimately direct life towards a healthier and more joyful place.