Turning the light around

Turning the light around

‘Turning the light around’ is a way of saying which is used for Zen practice. My teacher Daizan says in his book ‘Practical Zen, Meditation and Beyond’You probably have areas within your history and your sense of self that are hard to face; perhaps there are regrets and shame. When we turn towards Zen practice and allow the consequent opening up to start, we begin to shine a light into all these dark corners.” Turning the light around is literally shining a light into all these dark corners. In my experience that is not always something easy to do but little by little you start noticing that every single thing you cast this light on is just a passing ‘storm’, it is impermanent, it doesn’t last forever.

Having the intention to turn the light around and giving ourselves an opportunity to notice what is going on within us without reacting, without suppressing what we see, without running away from what we see, can allow a very fascinating and liberating opening up.

The ‘light’ is this quality of awareness that allows us to witness things within and without. Developing the capacity to identifying with the ‘light’ rather than with what this ‘light’ is watching can clearly show us a side of ourselves which is completely free from our mental objects. Sometimes what we watch can feel very scary because we identify with it. Trying not to identify with it and, becoming one with the ‘light’ is a game-changer. Meditation and Mindfulness is our opportunity to turning the light around.