ONLINE Meditation and Mindfulness for Insight Course — 8 weeks

Meditation and Mindfulness for Insight is an 8-week course aimed at those people wishing to move beyond wellbeing alone and inclined to delve deeper into the more spiritual elements of practicing mindfulness and meditation. During the course, we will look into a number of techniques and practices that will allow to connect you with your true self whilst developing a sense of grounding and energetic uplift. In other words, explore your true self and open up to your full potential. The course is focusing  on aspects of meditation designed to create conditions to develop insights and better understanding on who we really are. All the techniques and practices come from the Zen tradition and are tried and tested meditation techniques grounded in a two and a half thousand year tradition. If you have a strong desire to know more about who you really are, this is a good place to start your journey!


Over the 8 weeks, we are going to explore various topics such as:

  • Stress and its source
  • The physical effects of meditation
  • The mental effects of meditation
  • Introduction to grounding and energy-work
  • Elevating the level of function
  • Stages of insight into self-understanding

The meditation practices that we are going to cover are:

  • Mindfulness of the Breath
  • Fusho, the Unborn Mind
  • Meditating With A Koan (a paradoxical statement or question used to point at the true nature of reality)
  • Healing With The Soft Ointment Meditation
  • Cultivating Guts – Building Your Hara
  • Naikan – Energising the Belly and Legs
  • Naitan – Energy Transformation
  • Bringing all these techniques together

The next course will start TBC

The course will be limited to 6 people

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The course will be ONLINE on Zoom
A link will be sent to join the sessions, you simply click it to join in 

The courses I run are based on donations —  Recommended donation for this 8 weeks course is £160. Donations can be made via PayPal ( or via bank transfer (please contact me for details –

Feedback: Meditation and Mindfulness for Insight Course

Riccardo is super easy going and always welcomes comments, which is great for
starting group discussions, where many insights are made. I think the
introduction of slides helped me to relax, knowing that I don’t need to
concentrate so hard on every word that Riccardo is saying and giving me another
point of focus. For both courses I’ve attended now, I really like the amount of
time dedicated to group meditation, so that it’s not all theory. And the mindfully
making tea at the end of the course is a lovely touch and makes it feel a little
more special.
I’ve been following a spiritual path ‘intellectually’ for a little while now, so I was
aware of some of the more general concepts, although this course introduced me
to di5erent ways/types of meditating, which was great to experience. I was
particularly pleased to learn that there are speci7c meditations to help ground
you and stop you squandering so much of your energy, which I know I’ve been
very guilty of for many years. This is what I really hope to master in the coming
weeks and months.
Go for it! I’m not sure yet that I can articulate the full benefits of it at this stage because I feel like I’m
only just beginning this stage of my journey, but having done the wellbeing course last year and now
this, I know that I am already different, more self-confident, less anxious and generally just more
relaxed about my place in life, dwelling more often than not in a place of calm and ease, and spending
much less time fixating on past issues and fretting about future events.
Definitely explore it. I feel more connected to myself + more aware of others as a result. There are lots of great tools including the recorded guided meditations which I will use going forward.
There is a good balance of tutor speaking and allowing participants to share views + comments. It is clearly taught. I enjoyed both talking + powerpoint presentation as well as weekly emails.